British longhair  
british longhair Clochette of Doux Coeurs

Clochette of Doux Coeurs

The british longhair

British longhairs are british with a long coat. The coat is half-long and eaysy to clean.

Photo : Clochette of Doux Coeurs, lilac. See the standard of the Loof.

Why british longhair ?

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british longhair Déclice of Doux Coeurs

Delice of Doux Coeurs

british longhair blue cream and white

Fantômette of Doux Coeurs

british longhair Biscuit of Doux Coeurs

Biscuit of Doux Coeurs, bleu et blanc

Edredon of Doux Coeurs, cream and white

Rare cats

The british longhair cats are rare (about 491 births in France in 2013). Photo : Biscuit of Doux Coeurs, blue and white. Cats are championship since 2001. We canimagine that in several years they'll be more. More and more breeders are breeding them in Europe. They are now allowed to be shown in Championship class (since 2009) in TICA shows (see the annual decision about it) meeting Arlington, Texas [motion n°63].

They have the same traits as shorthair cats, except the coat length of course.