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  The kittens  

Doux Coeurs's scottish fold kittens

Next births of scottish fold in 2017

Scottish fold or straight would be planed

Father will be a surprise. Mums will be Holly des Doux Coeurs and Phillis Coca Cola.

Scottish straight red tabby & white

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Chance et Coca-Cola : waiting for confirmation ...

Chance et Holly : waiting for confirmation ...

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2014 scottish fold kittens

  • Jiminy and Jini des Doux Coeurs

Kittens available at our friends

Chatterie des Grenadines de Celan

Previous litters of scottish fold

Chatons Scottish fold et Highland fold

Fanta des Doux Coeurs & Sladkiy Son Lovely Bear

Fanta had 6 scottish kittens, 1 mâle et 5 girls

  • Holly

  • Hizzy

  • Houlala

  • Hify

  • Howard

  • Happy girl

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Vishenka & Coca-Cola 2012 kittens

Little "Cerisette" Vishenka had 3 little babies, 3 girls, at the beginning of july. Kittens jointed their families.

1 cream blue and white girl (Highland straight)
1 black tortie and white girl  (Highland fold
1 black tortie and white girl (Scottish fold)
Papa is Edredon des Doux Coeurs, british longhair cream and white.

Kittens' photos are here

The photos of Vishenka's kittens

The last photos of Vishenka's kittens

Coca-Cola had 3 little babies, 1 boy and 2 girls at the end of may. Kittens jointed their families.

Papa is Edredon des Doux Coeurs, british longhair cream and white.

Galerie photos click here


Galerie of Hybris here

Galerie of Holly Day here

Galerie of Higgins here

How to get a scottish fold kitten

We spent a very long time with our kittens who live with our 2 dog friends Do it ! and Isidore.

  • They are controlled by our veterinary doctor and are ok with vaccination.
  • Kittens have a pedigree Loof
  • They need their mum's love till 13 weeks and can come to your home after.
  • They are coming with toys and food samples. !

We are selling the kittens at home.

Cats are eating Hill's food and Sanabelle.

CETAC certified certificat of capacity, controlled in 2008 and 2010

kittens Dolce Vita 2010 - click

kittens Coca-cola 2010 - click

kittens Demie 2010 - click

Other photos ...

Our website is updated every weeks to permit you to stay in touch with your kitten.

Previous kittens's photos ...

  • Capucine des Doux Coeurs, british shorthair lilac crème


  • Cleo des Doux Coeurs, british crème, 3 ans


  • Demi Moore des Doux Coeurs, british shorthair bleue

    Demie Moore of Doux Coeurs

  • british shorthair nés en 2007

    Ksantia of Nilfgaard's kittens

  • chatons british shorthair

    Kittens born at home

  • Venus kittens

Our cat friends

  • Demi Moore des Doux Coeurs, british shorthair bleue

    Demi Moore

  • Anis

  • Dolce Vita des Doux Coeurs, scottish fold bleue

    Blue Scottish fold Dolce Vita

  • British shorthair Diabolo

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british shorthair Capucine des Doux Coeurs Clochette des Doux Coeurs, British longhair lilac Cracotte des Doux Coeurs, British shorthair lilac-crème