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    Scottish fold & Scottish straight


    Doux Coeurs's caterry is pleased to show you her scottish fold and british shorthair. Cats having a teddy bear look, our cats are living with us. You know british shorthair's ? Scottish will suite you. Don't hesitate, have a tour on our website !

    Cat friendly yours !

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    Update : 14 March 2016 (kittens, News)

    Doux Coeur's cattery news

    Welcome on the british shorthair, scottish fold and scottish straight website. We hope you will enjoy your visit and see our nice kittens. British shorthair will suite you with his so round face and body. What about the scottish fold ? He's got lovely folded ears . He always looks like a owl. The links of Doux Coeurs's are for you too ... Scottish embrodery is online...

    French version

    Scottish kittens

    next babies awaited in march/april 2016 2016 at Moulins-sur-Yèvre

    more informations ...
    scottish fold drawing