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  Scottish fold  

Scottish fold cats

august 2015

Our Coupari Chances Are on Doux Coeur's YouTube channel

Our description

It's a so lovely cat. He looks like a owl, wearing a lovely cap. In France, he was born from a british shorthair or a scottish straight. The body of the cat is similar to the british one's. The roundness is the main trait.

Scottish fold photos show a cat with a big round head and little folded ears. (...) Here are the main traits. With longhair, the scottish fold is called highland fold.

What about straight ears ?

The scottish straight is a scottish with straight ears. It is a cat that can be married with british shorthair in France. With longhair, it is called Highland straight.

scottish straight Coupari Chances Are


Together or with british. In a litter can be born scottish fold or scottish straight. We must wait 3 weeks to know who wear folded ears or straight ears. The fold type can be simple or double. Have a look at this good article about ears article on SFHF.COM

Rare cats

Scottish fold kittens are rare. Sometimes, no folded ear kitten were born in a litter. More and more breeders are willing to breed them now. The officiel caracteristics of the cat can be read on LOOF, TICA and CFA TICA : The International Cat Association

scottish fold Adelle, blue


Scottish fold photos tour ...

  • Scottish fold Phillis Coca-Cola

    Philis Coca-Cola, scottish fold brown tabby et blanche born in Russia.
  • Scottish fold des doux coeurs, née à la chatterie.
    Scottish fold of Doux Coeurs.
  • highland fold bleue, Biche ô ma Biche
    Biche ô ma Biche of Doux Coeurs, blue highland fold born at home.
  • Scottish fold Adelle
    Adele du Val du Bois d'Harpes, blue scottish fold.
  • scottish fold des doux coeurs
    blue Scottish fold.
  • Les scottish fold des Doux Coeurs
    blue Scottish fold and highland flod.
  • Mother and daughter scottish fold


Adelle, blue scottish fold

Vénus, blue & white scottish fold

Biche ô ma Biche, blue highland fold, born at home

Di Momo, blue scottish fold, born at home

little Darling, lilac & white scottish fold , born at home

little Coca-Cola, born in Russia,

la little Dolce Vita, blue scottish fold, born at home,

and little Coupari Chances Are, red tabby & white scottish straight, born in USA

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