Scottish fold longhair  

Scottish fold with longhair coat


Scottish fold longhair are scottish cats with a half long coat. They have exactly the same traits as scottish fold shorthair. A semi-cobby cat with wonderful floded ears. The coat is easy to brush.

blue Highland fold

Photo : C. Hermeline

Fanta of Doux Coeurs


Today, the scottish fold longhair can be married with british shorthair, longhair or scottish fold straight ear. In a litter, can be born folded or straight ears kittens. It is only after 3 weeks that we can consider wether the ears are folded or not. The quality of the fold ear is "single floded" or "double folded". Double folded ears are prefered in cat shows.

Higgins of Doux Coeurs

Rare cats

The scottish fold longhair are very rare. Only 75 kittens were born in 2015 in France.

blue scottish fold longhair, Biche  ma Biche of Doux Coeurs

highland straight Frou Frou

Frou Frou of Doux Coeurs, Photo : Miss Bailly Marchand

Scottish fold longhair with straight ears

The straight ears scottish fold longhair have same traits as their friends with folded ears.  About 80 kittens were born last year in France.

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