Scottish straight  

The Scottish straight

With straight ears

The scottish straight is a scottish fold with straight ears. With long coat, we call him Highland straight.

He's a cat with medium body, very lovely with roundness. The scottish straight is very popular in France, Eurioe, USA and Russia. He's accepted in cat shows of several federations : Loof, Tica, Wcf, Acf. They are 50% of the scottish cat pool and are very present in breeding programms due to their very good qualities and health.

scottish straight Coupari Chances Are

Coupari Chances Are Holly of Doux Coeurs


Scottish straight can be married with scottish fold, and british shorthair. These weddings can produce straight ears kittens or folded ears kittens.

Scottish straight red and white

Scottish straight red tabby and white. His name is Coupari Chances Are, aka Chance. He wa born in Coupari Cattery, USA. Chance has got a medium strong body and has got a so round head.

With longhair coat

The Highland straight is a scottish with straight ears and a longhair coat. He's got the same traits as scottish fold. He's a all round cat. Excellent head, round eyes, semi cobby body, strong legs and round face.

Highland straight born at home

Scottish straight blue cream and white Holly of Doux Coeurs